What do you do / sell ?

We do not selling manufacturer coupons which is prohibited by manufacturer and the law. Our handling fees are charge for our labors, supplies, stamps, etc. We do not offer IP (Internet printable), Hangtags, Peelies, Blinkies, Tearpads, or any counterfeits.

How many coupons are in one set?

Our clipped coupons are all in sets of 20 coupon each. No exceptions.


Coupons are time sensitive. We do not offer Returns or Exchanges.

Where do you ship from:

We ship from Oklahoma City , Ok 73142

What days do you ship?

We ship Monday to Sat only

What is your cut off time for shipping?

7am central time

For example:

If you order on Wednesday at 6am cst, it ships out the same day.

If you order on Friday night 11pm, it ships out Sat.

Are you ever late on shipping?

We are pretty good with keeping up with our shipping schedule. Mondays are the busiest days. We may need one extra day to ship every so often. Especially when there are 3 or more inserts.

What if I need to change my shipping address?

Our system is will ship to the address you have on our site, under "Ship To" during your check out process. Please update your shipping address with paypal for paypal buyer's protection. Once again, we ship to the address on our site. 

How much do you charge for shipping?

Please note that our system are connect live to USPS. These are their services and pricing.

FREE Shipping -USPS First class mail (stamps), 3-10 business days. No tracking

USPS Priority mail, estimated 2-3 business days with tracking (not guarantee delivery date).

USPS express mail, 1-2 business days with tracking and guarantee by USPS, (this guarantee excludes the Act of God, national weather alerts, etc)

option available at check out.

Please note:***even with shipping upgrades, cut off time still remains the same.

I paid for Priority 2 days and it's not here on the second day. I would like a refund?

Please note: Shipping are paid to USPS. They only guaranteed delivery for Express mail. Priority are only estimated delivery date, not guaranteed.  Please allow them time for human errors. There is no refund on shipping as payment was made to USPS. But if your priority took 7 business days, please contact us for coupon credit (not shipping credit). 


What happens if my express mail is late?

If your express mail had not arrive by the time USPS guaranteed delivery, please email us. We will note  your account. Once that package arrives, we will file and request a refund from usps on  your behalf. Please note, only  shipping is refunded. Coupons are non-refundable. 

How long should I wait for my order before contacting you?

Please allow 10 business days for regular mail.

How can I check on my order status?

You can log in, go under order history, and click on the order you want to check on.

The Date on my orders are not the date I ordered. 

Our system dates are as following: Day/Month/Year

For example: 4/2/2018  is Feb 4, 2018

I have sent an email on your site and haven't heard back from anyone yet.

We answer our emails Monday-Friday 9am-7pm. When sending an email on our site please double check your email for spelling errors. Occasionally, our email may end up in your spam folder as well.

Is there a minimum or a maximum?


What if I need more than what is listed?

Please email us to list more inventory.

What happen is I need a coupon that is out of stock?

Please email us. We may have them in stock.

When do you list your new weekly coupons?

Our early Smart Source & PG from East Coast arrives Thursday or Friday (before release dates) at the latest. We will list them after that day's shipment are over (6pm cst). On Friday afternoon, we get our Central Region Newspapers. Those will list Friday 6pm cst. 

How can I contact you?

You can contact us by email :  tinatran@extreme-coupon-clipping.com 

 or extremecouponclipping@gmail.com

What if I don't have a paypal account?

We accept Paypal, credit cards, and debit cards. You will need to select Paypal as payment method. It will bring you to Paypal's secure check out page. There will be this option : Don't have an paypal account ?  select this option to check out with your credit card or debit card.

I see that you offer special discount price if I buy more than 1 set. Can I mix and match and still get the discounted price?

To qualify for the discount, you will need to purchase the number of sets listed in one transaction. Our system will only recognize it that way.

Why does it matter if I pay everything in one transaction or separate?

We would like to keep our cost low so we can continue to offer our customers the best pricing. With each paying transactions, there are fees associated. Not to mention, this will slow down our shipping and processing time.

I bought 3 separate orders, why are they not mailed together?

We respectfully ask that our customers keep purchases in one transaction. When you place 3 separate orders, we cannot guarantee it will get mailed out together. With over 500+ orders to ship daily, it is a challenge of.

Why can't I log in or why am I blocked?

We value our customers and wishes the same in return.  However, it is not always the case.  You will get blocked from our site for these reasons:

1.  repeated claims of "non received orders"

2.  repeated claims of "wrong coupons or miss counted". 

3.  Rudeness (Not knowing how to treat others the way you would like to be treated)

4.  Unreasonable (Not able to put yourself in other's shoe)

5.  Failing to recognize that we are a clipping service not USPS (Post Office)

6.  Open case with Paypal. We are only a email away. 

7.  "First time customer" claiming Non-received. If this is true, may our business relationship was not meant to be. 

8.  Selected 5-10 business days (usps first class mail). But expect to arrive order within a few days. 

9.  Failing to realize that Priority mail is estimated but not guaranteed by usps 2-3 business days. Only Express are guaranteed by usps.